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Depending on your experience and needs, there are a few options to choose from.

Build Glutes Properly

 The first of many specialized fitness programs, this is an 8-week program that transforms your glutes from flat to full. Tailored exactly to you, your trainer tweaks it on a weekly basis to ensure your plan is optimized to ensure continued progress.

The beauty of this platform is that you can also use it for other specialized programs we put out. For more information, click here.


Transformation Programs

Packages range from $14/month to $500/month to suit your needs. At a minimum, all packages come with access to our members-only Facebook community, accountability tracker, monthly spotlight award, and first dibs on any promos, bonuses, and new content.


StrengthAesthetics is right for you if:
- you’re sick and tired of being socially secluded and lonely
– you want to regain control over your eating habits
– you want to make food choices that you are completely happy with
– you want to break free from binges for good

StrengthAesthetics is not right for you if:
– you make excuses and will not take personal responsibility
– you are not open to wiping your slate clean of all the nutritional and diet rules you have followed and live by
– you think there is a perfect diet out there


Not sure where to start? Book a 15 minute consultation to share your goals, and we’ll help you navigate which option is best.




Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and having a fat loss goal should not rob you from it. There is what you eat, and then there is how you eat. If your diet is squeeky clean (whatever that means) but you’re choking it down or wish you were eating something else, there are biochemical consequences to your digestion, affecting your overall state of happiness.

It is no wonder that so many guys and gals on this flexible dieting train suddenly feel better, become leaner, and revv up their metabolism in the process. But really, let’s call it what it is – “flexible dieting” is a buzzword for what is essentially a realistic, balanced, and sustainable way of eating.

We humans have been doing this for years. Remember when as children, your parents would force you to eat your veggies before junk food? Or when they said you could only have one kind of treat a day? No more than 2 cookies in a sitting? That’s flexible dieting in action. Or 80/20.

The point is, there is nothing magical about any fancy nutritional strategy you have heard or tried. Successful nutrition isn’t sexy. Successful nutrition is what you may already know, but have forgotten.  The foundational principles for your blended performance & physique goals are:

1. Energy balance
2. Ratios of macronutrients
3. Micronutrients & fibre intake

And to achieve complete freedom from obsessive flexible dieting (yes, we made that up) is to combine it with your intuition and trust yourself. Letting go of the counting, weighing, tracking, logging…and simply ENJOYING while knowing you’re achieving your dream body is what I’m here to help you attain.



Movement. That’s the basic tenet of fitness.

Whether your goal is strength, technical proficiency, movement efficiency, flexibility, endurance-related, or physique-oriented, you will need to move. Outside of sport-specific goals, most women simply want to look good and feel good. For this purpose, prioritizing strength training will provide the most bang for your buck. Access to a gym isn’t mandatory, but because of the tools available it will help.

Taking the basic training principles into consideration (specificity, overload, recovery, adaptation, deload), if interested I will provide a training program that will complement your goals, nutrition, lifestyle, access to resources, and preferences.