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Genuine Health is a nutritional supplement company operating right here in Toronto. Being influenced by nurses growing up (both my parents were nurses), I became very health conscious and was always on the lookout for good, better, best products. I don’t even remember how I came across this company but I was 15 when I tried Greens+. I was the weird kid who liked vegetables, so the original unflavoured actually tasted good to me.

I’ve watched them add products to their line and each one seems to be just as superior if not more in quality. Although they haven’t asked me to do it, I wanted to review their new fermented vegan protein bar since they were so awesome in sending me them to try.


These babies come in two flavours: peanut butter chocolate, and double chocolate chip. They’re perfect as a snack in between meals or if you’re rushing in the morning and want something quick but nutritious.

They are both DELICIOUS. I don’t typically like the texture of vegan protein powder since I find it a little grainy, but these bars had a good consistency to it and guess what the first ingredient in the peanut butter chocolate one is? PEANUT BUTTER!! A lot of peanut butter bars don’t even really taste like it so I spread peanut butter on top. So my fellow PB lovas, I urge you to try this!

The ingredients in these bars are excellent – they even include chia seeds and Himalayan salt. So here are my thoughts on these bars. I gave it a score putting them up against ALL bars I’ve had.

TASTE & TEXTURE: They are chewy and crunchy which is awesome, but less so than their proteins+ express bars (made with whey protein). The peanut butter has a nicer, more chewy consistency—likely from having so much glorious peanut butter in it :)
Score: 8/10

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: This bar has winner written all over it specifically because…
(1) It uses fermented protein, pea protein to be exact. Other companies use soy, which if it’s manufactured in the US is likely genetically engineered. There’s nothing wrong with GE foods per se, but so much of soy and its derivatives are processed to the point where you question its nutritional quality. Anyway, this is the only fermented protein bar on the market in North America that I know of, which is perfect for health conscious vegans. Fermented foods are one of the healthiest things you can eat as it promotes healthy gut bacteria.
(2) It’s extremely high in fiber. One bar represents 32%-40% of a 2,000 calorie DV. It uses isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), an all-natural prebiotic sweetener, where 75%-90% of it is soluble fiber. This is the same sweetener found in Quest bars and Combat Crunch bars. Because of its great profile, IMO is becoming the preferred sweetener, and you can actually order them through manufacturers if you’re interested in making your own bars or other homemade treats. I ordered mine through Bioneutra and they come in powder and liquid form.
(3) It contains all-natural superfoods such as spirulina, sprouts, chia seeds.
Score: 10/10

SUSTAINABILITY: Part of Genuine Health’s manifesto is to “take care of yourself, each other, the planet”. The founder, Stewart Brown, believes we should leave the planet in a better condition than we did coming in. Besides participating in initiatives that are environmentally friendly, they ensure their products are mostly organic and non-GMO, and from natural and sustainable sources. Score: 10/10

PRICE: It falls in the average price of most bars out on the market. These are slightly cheaper than VEGA bars, but more expensive than Simply Protein (another Canadian brand that sells vegan protein bars). However, considering its nutrient density it’s very reasonable. Score: 9/10


Our lifestyle and environment is set up to slowly degrade our health over time. Bars are great for convenience, but choose high quality bars that pack a nutritional punch as well. I’m so happy that companies like this are stepping up and providing us with what we need. Take back your health and choose wisely guys!

To find out more about Genuine Health, click here.

3 comments on “Product Review: Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+ Bar

    1. Hey Barb,

      I LOVE the lemon coconut! It’s also my favourite. The dark chocolate almond is delicious too, you should try it.

      Sometimes I bloat from artificial sweeteners or other protein bar brands, but I find these bars are easily digestible and easy on my stomach.

  1. Thank you for your review and interest in Genuine Health. Your review has been directed to a Genuine Health representative. Please allow 1-2 days for this to become visible on our website.

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