Product Review: Yup Brands B-Up & B-Jammin’ Bar!

One of the shitty things about living in Canada is that we do not have nearly as much variety as our neighbours down south. When I found out that Yup Brand bars were available for sale at all Popeye’s Supplements stores, I immediately went to go buy one in every flavor, because that’s what I do.

By now I’ve tried all of the B-Up flavors except PB&J and Cinnamon Roll, and all of the B-Jammin’ flavors, so here we go!


TASTE & TEXTURE: For both B-Up and B-Jammin’ bars, the texture is not something you’d expect. It looks like a large marshmallow and the texture is a softened, airy taffy. It’s VERY soft and fluffy which stood out to me immediately because all other protein bars are a mix of crunchy + chewy. What this means is that when you try to bake it, you’ll have to literally bake it for 15-20 seconds bc you don’t want to burn it!!

In terms of the flavors, sugar cookie (seemingly everybody’s favourite) was my least favourite EXCEPT when I loaded stuff on top to make a fun treat (will be posting on my IG soon). My favourite flavor has got to be Peanut Butter…and Mint Chip. Anything that has a strong flavor profile is a win in my books. The peanut butter bar was a little more dry but it tasted like pure peanut butter – yummmm!!! I also love the mint chocolate chip plus these were a tad bigger than the others, unless I just got lucky. Also, given that there are hardly any other mint chocolate flavored bars to compare it to (I haven’t tried Quests’ yet), it came out as a winner. There are chips in the bar too which gives it a slight crunch for those of you who prefer that.

The B-Jammin’ bars are generally sweeter since it is filled with a jam centre throughout. I absolutely LOVE the Apple Pie a la Mode since it is less sweet than Cherry Pie. The PB&J is great too. What I love about the B-Jammin’ bars is that you can eat it as a pre-workout or post-workout. I noticed I had a lot of energy after eating one of these and THE BEST PART is that it did not upset my stomach at all. They are very easy on the digestive system, so if you typically have trouble digesting protein bars do give these a try.

Quick, lasting energy plus no stomach issues = WINNER!!! With that said, I plan to have B-Jammin’ bars on deck at my powerlifting meet along with other goodies like Pixie Stix and PopTarts.
Score: 7/10

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Did I not call it that every bar company is going to use IMO (isomalto-oligosaccharide) as their sweetener of choice?!?! I should’ve came out with my own line of protein bars…

Anyway, all of the Yup Brand bars use only natural sweeteners and the jam does not have any added sugar, which is fantastic. They point out their fibre analysis as each B-Up bar has 20g (13%) fibre, and B-Jammin’ has 11g (8%) of fibre. They have less than 10 ingredients in each. Here’s a closer look:

B-Up Bar Sugar Cookie

B-Jammin’ Apple Pie a la Mode

Score: 9/10

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I typically have sustainability as one of the scoring categories, but I have no idea how they manufacture their products, what standards they are committed to, and if they are giving back to the community so there is nothing to score. However, I do know they are still a fairly new company so their main focus is on providing excellent customer service. They regularly go above and beyond for each customer, whether that is a hand-written thank you note, a social media recognition, or taking flavor requests to heart. If you reach out to them, you will probably get a response back from one of the founders! How cool is that? Score: 10/10

PRICE: I bought mine at Popeye’s for $3.49 for B-Up which is the same price as Quest bars. The B-Jammin’ bars are $2.99. If you want to buy a box it might actually be cheaper online since they ship for free and guarantee delivery within 3 business days. And if you find multiple coupon codes, you can actually combine them in most cases! Score: 8/10

The thing that draws me in the most about this company is their mantra: YUP – Your Unlimited Potential. Anyone who knows me well knows that is exactly how I feel about the human potential. From my own discovery to seeing clients transform mentally and physically before my eyes, we truly are LIMITLESS!

Go by your local Popeye’s store and pick one, or two, or a box up. Some of the flavours sell out really quickly, so hurry!

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