How to Lose Weight Eating Whatever You Want (yes, you can eat your cake!)


Soooo now that we know that total calories AND macronutrient ratios are important when it comes to body composition, the next thing to know is that you CAN build a killer bod by eating your delicious treats and favourite foods.

Practically speaking junk food will always exist and if you want it, you will find a way to sneak it in. It definitely helps not to have any around the house, but you can’t just snap your fingers and have them magically disappear off the face of this earth.

Willpower is finite. For example…has this ever happened to you? You’re dieting so that you can look fantastic for your vacation. You eliminate junk food, eat nothing but clean foods, increase your exercise, and successfully lose weight and look pretty frickin awesome. Now, what are you gonna do on your vacation?? You’re escaping for a full week and it’s your chance to eat and drink everything your heart desires. Except sometimes you don’t really want the extra dessert or a second helping of the breakfast buffet. You eat it because after the 7 days, it’s back to willpower and restricted foods and portion control as you tell yourself you will just diet it right off again. This fleeting vacation is your chance to enjoy a LOT of food…or who knows when the next opportunity will come, right?

WRONG. This restrictive mindset only does more harm. You ever notice that when you tell yourself you must not eat another cookie THAT IS ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT??? Just like that, the harder and longer you fight to resist temptation, the higher the chance of a binge.

Granted, practising moderation is more difficult than extremes. I know this all too well. But with anything, the more you practice it the better at it you become. Start today by eating only a couple fries on a plate…or half a protein bar…or a handul of popcorn… two cookies. Half a poptart. If you fail, that’s okay, move on from it and keep trying. You get through a few sticking points, then the magic happens…

You get to a place where you are incorporating your favourite foods (whether it’s pop tarts, ice cream, pizza, cookies, chicken wings, anything) into your day, while still hitting all the macros you need, and most importantly, not overeating because there’s no such thing as a one hour cheat window, or a cheat meal, or

This is what many people call flexible dieting (or If It Fits Your Macros). It’s a nutritional concept that has been around for a VERY long time but pushed to the mainstream fitness scene by calling it something that sounds trendy and new. The premise is that when it comes to body composition (i.e. how you look), the types of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you eat is irrelevant.


In-n-Out Burger: 390cals, 19F/39C/16P


Brown Rice, Tuna, Almonds: 390cals, 19F/39C/16P


So, whether you choose to eat spinach, bread, or cotton candy, it all breaks down into glucose molecules in the end and gets the same job done.

Now, if you’re a competitive athlete or want to optimize your health and wellbeing, the types of food you eat definitely matters. I’ll talk about that in my next post, but first let me finish the bag of fruit chips I bought earlier…

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