Gluten Is NOT The Enemy.

Every now and then, I end up in a discussion surrounding gluten – the big bad wolf that is making a lot of people fat, lethargic, puffy, foggy-brained, always hungry, brings stomach pains, you name it.

Here’s the thing. The prevalence of Celiac disease in the US is less than 1%. The prevalence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is still unknown (, but studies show that 30% of Americans would like less gluten in their diets. Simply walking through my local Loblaw’s confirms this, as the number of gluten-free products continue to climb and the “health food” aisle grows with it.

It’s simple. Most people point the finger at gluten because after eliminating all the processed carbohydrates they were shoving their face with, their body feels lighter, tighter, and better. In most cases, it’s NOT GLUTEN that’s making them fat and lethargic, it’s the copious amounts of shitty food they’re eating. Pasta, bread, crackers, tortillas, beer, have been around for YEARRRRS with half the world consuming it as a regular part of their diet. If it’s supposed to make people sick, how come we’re only now seeing gluten-free products exploding?

Gluten is not the enemy, it’s America’s inability to practice some goddamn portion control that’s making them fat. Most people never have to avoid gluten or dairy or fruits or even sugary cereals as long as moderation is practiced. It’s easier said than done, but we really need to stop finding excuses to be fat.

Extreme lifestyle diets like paleo, gluten free, low carb, low fat, keto, IF, vegan, is not optimal for the body because it eliminates entire food groups. I don’t believe you can achieve optimal health this way. There is no scientific justification to go vegan because it’s healthier than eating meat, for example. None at all.

I will never say that one way of eating is better than another, because all of these are tools that you have the freedom to use to find out what works for YOU. Take your health into your own hands by doing a little research, conducting some trial and error, and becoming the badass you know you are.

And enjoy pasta once in a while.

-Maria Rose

3 comments on “Gluten Is NOT The Enemy.

  1. AMEN to this, sista. I’ve tried way too many of those ridiculous diets and they are just so unsustainable, despite maybe working in the short-term. IIFYM, on the other hand, aka portion control haha, is 100% sustainable and I’ve never been happier. We just need to start convincing people that there is no such food that is always off-limits.

  2. I have a lazy colon, also a twisted colon and severe IBS. Been thru therapy, many testing and conclusion was to be put on a clean food diet. Absolutly nothing processed including cheese. Ive been doing this for 18 months. only 2 times have i been in a situation at a party that there was absolutly nothing i could eat. 1 piece of food processed food and my intestines twisted and i was in pain not being able to stand straight for days. i wouldnt say its gluten, something needs to be said for processed foods in general what it does to the human body.

    1. Hi Trish,

      I’m sorry to hear what a painful experience you’ve been through! Most processed foods are completely safe and well tolerated by the human body, but that doesn’t mean we should take that for granted. Food IS medicine and the better food choices we make, the better off our long-term health is. Thanks for sharing.

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