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Tomorrow, I will be at an all-day seminar on nutritional science and sport nutrition with Alan Aragon, a well-known figure in the industry who’s been dubbed the The Ron Burgundy of Nutrition…and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday.

People who know me very well know that I lose track of time reading about nutrition. I’ve been intrigued with the way that nutrients affect our bodies and minds. It’s extremely empowering to know that though you can’t control most things in life, you CAN control what you put in your mouth. You have choices, and you are a direct reflection of the culmination of decisions you’ve made throughout your life.

An individual’s physique or how s/he performs in their sport is the result of hard work, consistency, and dedication, day in and day out. Respect, yo.

But, who I really admire is someone who has PASSION for what they do. These are people who serve their soul, not their ego. These are people who enjoy the process, not just an end goal. They have a lot of heart, and will do it for themselves because it makes them happy. This is what separates the successful from the mediocre.

What I’ve learned throughout my personal training and nutrition experience (I’ve ever had a trainer or coach) is that there are MANY different ways to eat and train that will get you to your end goal. The most important thing is to pick one way and stick to it. Just Do It (Nike is the greatest brand alive, by the way).

The second most important thing is to pick a way that works for YOU—your lifestyle, your preferences, your schedule, your goals. For example, I don’t practice Intermittent Fasting because I like having the flexibility to eat whenever I want. My training times may vary, and I need to eat for my training to be effective. Food is fuel.

I did practice IF once, but it brought me back to a terrible mentality of restriction and battle with food that I didn’t want to go through again. My experience will probably be a little different now that I have a much more positive relationship with food, but I’m perfectly happy with my current eating schedule of deconstructed oatmeal cookies first thing in the morning and breakfast food for dinner (aw yeahhhh).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my continued learning within this discipline and sharing it with you all. Here’s the proposed agenda:

Morning – Part 1: Theoretical Foundations
-Acquiring knowledge & understanding research methodology
-Protein: amount, timing, frequency, and distribution for fat loss or muscle gain
-Carbohydrate: dissecting the diet fads with the scalpel of evidence
-Fat: making sense of the mountain of conflicting data
-Supplementation: update on what’s new, useful, crappy, or worth a try
-In-depth Q/A

Afternoon – Part 2: Putting Knowledge to Practice
-Setting realistic targets within realistic timeframes
-Dietary programming for basic & advanced fat loss goals
-Dietary programming for basic & advanced muscle gain goals
-Goal-specific integration of diet & training variables
-Systematically resolving progress plateaus
-Program compliance & long-term adherence tactics
-In-depth Q/A

Cheers to an investment in better health!

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