Is The Food Babe REALLY Full Of Shit?


Happy Friday guys!!

Some of you might’ve seen the Gawker article floating in the interwebs this week exposing the popular Food Babe as being full of shit and using fear tactics to engage an ever growing army.

I never read much of Food Babe’s stuff because quite frankly, I don’t give two shits whether I should be eating brown rice or quinoa. I mean, I used to care about this stuff…A LOT.

But it was all-consuming and alienated me from what I truly love to eat (oh jasmine and basmati rice, how I love thee).

Anyway, this is an important topic to bring up and just goes to show why nutrition can be more confusing than ever before.

Let me summarize the two sides briefly:

– it is in Big Food’s interest to sell lots of cheap, tasty food
– the manufactured additives in products can have a detrimental effect on health when consumed in large quantities
– clever marketing has led to misinformed or ignorant consumers and we should have a right to know what we put in our bodies
– much of the processed food we eat is void of essential nutrients

– most of these additives have been tested and proven safe. The truth is, ANYTHING in large doses can be toxic to you (even water)
– just because you can’t pronounce an ingredient does not make it a toxin
– her campaigns promote fear-mongering, resulting in a growing Food Baby Army who become yes men and women

Several years ago, I probably would’ve been CHIEF OF THE FOOD BABE ARMY lol! But I am 100% siding with science babe on this one. This unnecessary fear mongering is what got me to an obsessive place of eating nothing but bland chicken breasts, broccoli, and sweet potato (despite severe bloating, I continued to eat it bc it was ‘healthy’).

Vani Hari still has merit, though. Her work is is getting the general public to wake up and finally pay attention to what they’re eating, which is an excellent first step.

At the end of the day, let’s try to keep in mind what Stephen Covey said: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Have a great weekend!

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