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FITSANITY Bootcamp & Seminar Launch!

Today, myself and Parastoo Badie  (P2STRONGlaunched FITSANITY Bootcamp & Seminar Series, presented by the My Fabulous Self Campaign.

It started with some technical brain farts, lots of twerking, and a shot of ProSupp’s Mr Hyde pre-workout to get the party started! Our attendees were amazing and so engaged throughout the entire session.

Everybody who came were given a thank you gift upon arrival, and after check-in we got to know each other by sharing our most embarrassing nicknames. There were a lot of hilarious ones, but what gets shared in the circle, stays in the circle ;)

The 3-part bootcamp included separate portions for strength, agility, and endurance. Here’s a peek into what you missed (click the image below to watch the video):


(Click the above image to watch the video)

Today’s seminar topic was Nutrition Myths. We discussed some highly debated statements, such as:

  • A calorie is a calorie
  • Many small meals will keep my metabolism high
  • I can only effectively digest 35grams of protein in one sitting
  • Carbs will make me fat
  • Eating before bed is bad for me
  • Sugar is toxic
  • Eating red meat is bad for me

And finally, we made our way over to Infuse Cafe to hydrate and hang out. Infuse is making waves in the healthy beverage industry, using R.A.I.N. technology (the only one in Canada!) to revolutionize how our favourite lattes taste.

In the end, our attendees walked away feeling on top of the world, armed with better knowledge about their nutrition, and ready to conquer this week and crush their goals.

But don’t take our word for it — here are some testimonials from a couple of our attendees:


FitSanity kicked my ass! I usually hit the gym 4-5x a week and I thought this was going to be a breeze! Definitely did not expect to push myself as much as I did during the bootcamp and did learn something new about myself from these ladies.

It was a good balance between physical and mental health that ended with an instructional seminar about fitness. I’m looking forward to my next session to push myself further both body and mind.” — Thomas Lariviere

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an open, personalized approach to a healthy lifestyle, and anyone who needs to thinks they found their limits, because you will find new ones courtesy of these women.

The amount of knowledge in regards to food is vast and I myself have been led astray from catchy headlines and the ideal of the “perfect body.” Maria’s insight into proper nutrition for your own personal objectives shed light on the idea that nobody is the same, and that you need to do what works best for you. I enjoy my cupcake here and there and should then incorporate it into my eating habits, even if it is just for the sake of my mental sanity. It was encouraging to hear that my own negative perception of my body is something that other go through as well.” — Kyle Markell


We invite you to join the circle.


FITSANITY is brought to you by My Fabulous Self Campaign, a community that encourages authenticity, integrity, self-compassion and self-love. It encourages treating the self with respect through nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. It embraces a judgment free environment where we stop imposing our opinions onto others; where we stop comparing ourselves to others; and where we embrace our dreams, our flaws, and celebrate our strengths. Own your authentic self, be proud, and be STRONG in mind, body and spirit.

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