It Will Be Difficult.

I just read Seth Godin’s recent entry.

So. Fucking. True.

Let me ask you something…do you know somebody who is addicted to self improvement? Someone who always has a project on the go, a list of goals to crush, reading nothing but self improvement books and talking about lessons learned and what to apply? Isn’t it annoying sometimes?

It might be. But these people are thriving. They’re thriving off the achievement, the confidence of actually accomplishing something challenging, and truly becoming a better person in order to give back.

Set your nutrition and training goals with the expectation that it will be tough. You will binge one night, you somehow skipped the gym for 5 days straight and now you’re onto day 14 without setting foot inside a gym, that 1 beer you planned to have turned into 4 so you said, fuck it. Let’s get nachos.

You have the choice to make a decision that will get you closer to your goals, or get you further away from it. Think about the last time you went through something difficult… and I mean pretty damn difficult. It could be your CFA exam, the fight that almost ruined your marriage, your dog’s death, the 8th binge in a row…

Then think about how you overcame it. Are you better off for it? You’re still here, right?


When the going gets tough, know that you’re in it because you have the strength to overcome it. You are stronger than you think. Incredible transformations come after overcoming hardship.

After busting through a weight loss plateau, it’ll look like your body took on a totally different shape. And remember the more progress you make, the more difficult it will to continue. BUT it’s totally worth it.

So remember, when we intentionally seek out the difficult tasks, we’re much more likely to create value.

You’re a diamond in the making. Continue buffing. :)

-Maria Rose

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