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Combat Crunch by MusclePharm

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MusclePharm has been making splashes in the sports supplement and nutrition industry. Even before signing on Schwarzenegger they have been growing their market share by releasing new products. From Combat Crunch, to CoCo Protein, to energy drinks, becoming the official supplement of UFC, there is no stopping this company.

But let’s talk about their bars!! Two words: Crunchy + Chewy. Who doesn’t love this combination?! Released Sept 2014, these bars have been flying off store shelves and for good reason. While we see a new protein bar player every couple months, something extraordinary must be released to even stand a chance against the quick rise of Quest Nutrition bars. Well, this is it. They boast a “proprietary baking process for a superior taste and softer texture”. Whatever that proprietary process is, keep on keeping on.


TASTE & TEXTURE: MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch is my favourite in terms of taste and texture. Seriously, it feels like I am eating a candy bar of some sort when I eat it. It looks delicious AND TASTES EVEN BETTER. It bakes easily if you want it more soft and gooey as opposed to chewy, just pop it in thm icrowave for 8 seconds or bake it for 2 mins.

They now have four flavors:
– chocolate chip cookie dough
– chocolate peanut butter cup
– white chocolate raspberry
– cinnamon twist
– chocolate brownie (only available through

Maybe my taste buds are off, but chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter cup tastes very similar to me. There are cookie pieces in the cookie dough which I love, but neither of those flavors come close to the new flavors that were released recently. I’m talking about the two featured here, white chocolate raspberry and cinnamon twist. OH MY LORD they are amazing. This is my warning to you…they are dangerously addictive. Score: 10/10

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Yep, you guessed it. Combat Crunch also uses IMO (isomalto-oligosaccharide) as a sweetener. These bars are a little higher in calories than most protein bars, with the high fat content being one of them.

Another thing that stands out is the amount of sodium! You can’t taste it, but these bars have quite a bit of salt in them. Nearly 20% of the recommended daily sodium intake for someone on a 2,000 calorie diet.

combat crunch ingredients

As you can see above in the ingredients list, this bar has much more additives, but it is still great for somebody who is bulking and it is great for most athletes who are very active. You are still getting a good amount of protein and a good amount of your fibre requirement ;) Score 7/10

PRICE: These are slightly more expensive than Quest bars. I remember checking out and having 1 bar come up to nearly $5, even with my GNC card. Damn you Combat Crunch for being soooo addictive!!!! Of course, if you buy them online or in bulk they are slightly cheaper. Score: 8/10

AVAILABILITY: Combat Crunch is not as widely available as most other bars. You can find these at your local GNC and Popeye’s Supplements store, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else – not at a gym, a speicalty health food store (I don’t expect it to be in these stores anyway), or large grocery store.

The target market for these bars really are those who would shop for sports supplements, so I guess that is not an issue. Also, I imagine a lot of people may be buying these bars in bulk given that it is so addictive, so most of its sales are via online retailers. Score 9/10

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